Migrate guide: Exit fees and how to avoid them

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You may have heard of ‘exit fees’ before and you may be worried about whether you’ll need to pay them when you switch supplier. Or, you may not be too sure if you’ll have to pay an exit fee when you switch. So, we’ve put together a quick guide to explain how we do things at Migrate.

Facts on exit fees

The first thing to understand is that not all tariffs come with exit fees. But, some ‘fixed’ tariffs do. In those instances, if you decide to leave your current supplier before your fixed contract end-date, you may have to pay your outgoing supplier a fee to leave. This can be something like £30 for each fuel. Unfortunately, it does happen that people switch on price-comparison-websites without realising that they are still in contract, and then get hit with these annoying fees!

The Migrate way

At Migrate we’ve got your back. If you think that you may still be under contract, such as if you switched supplier to a new fixed deal in the last 12 months, we recommend that you grab a bill when you sign-up to Migrate. Then when you give us your current tariff details, we’ll know whether you are liable to hit exit fees, how much they will be, and when we can switch you without hitting any exit fees

How we help you

Unlike price-comparison-websites, you can sign-up to Migrate at any point when you’re still in your contract, but then only be switched in the future when you have no exit fees. You can leave that to us! We’ll know when your contract ends and we also know that we can switch you 49 days before that contract end date without incurring any fees.

We want to give you the choice, but let us do the work. So, when you sign-up to Migrate if you are likely to hit an exit fee by switching now, we’ll let you know. And then we’ll give you the choice of whether to ‘switch now’ anyway (which you might want to do if you’re getting a big saving today), or to ’sign-up now but switch later’.

If you decide to switch later, we’ll switch you at the soonest time that we can without you incurring any fees. EASY. At that point we’ll also drop you an email to let you know the details of the switch and how much you are saving. As always, you can cancel the switch at any time.

After your first Migrate switch, you’ll then never need to worry about exit fees again. We know exactly when we’ve switched you and when we can again. We’ve built our technology to work hard on your behalf, so you don’t need to worry about these sort of things again.

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