Energy switching – A question of trust

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A question of trust

Trust has always been a big discussion topic when it comes to the energy switching industry, and now with the emergence of start-up automatic switching companies that discussion has grown even wider.

So, who do you trust? Who can get you the best deal? In the BBC article ‘Would you trust an auto-switching site for life?’ this topic is brought to the forefront, with price comparison sites and automatic switching services both arguing their case.  

For us, the problem of trust in the industry comes from the clarity that users are given when they switch. Unfortunately, sometimes users aren’t always given the full picture. There have been instances when companies have claimed to have ‘relationships’ with a high number of suppliers, or that they ‘look’ at lots of suppliers. When in reality they can only actually switch you to at most half of that number.

What makes us different?

Much of what stops energy companies being able to offer customers the choice when switching is the switching service the website is partnered with. If one website claims to be able to switch you to “x” many energy suppliers, but in fact, their switching service only has “y” number of suppliers on offer, then you can only switch between those available suppliers.

We are different from others in our space as we offer customers the ability to switch to 20% more suppliers than other free auto-switching services. Indeed, there isn’t any comparison or switching site out there that can switch to a greater number of suppliers than Migrate.

We do this by partnering with a switching service who has access to most suppliers in the market. This means we give you a greater choice of energy suppliers that you can switch to, and ultimately have more chance of finding the best deal on the market at the time we switch you.

When you switch with us you can trust us to give you the control you want, the honesty you need and the best deal we can find every year for free.

Your dashboard

One topic that came up in the BBC article was that people feel nervous about losing control of big financial decisions when moving onto an auto-switching service. We understand this. You don’t want to give away lots of details, to be given a quick update at the time you switch and have no other way of reviewing your details or information, or control over what’s going on!

We recognise that people want to be in control of their money and where it goes. We do things differently and give you the power to control where your money goes.

Your personal dashboard allows you to stay in control of how you switch. You can change energy supplier preferences for future automatic switches, update personal details (like if you’ve changed bank accounts), keep us informed of any energy usage changes, and this can all be done within seconds for all future switches.

With your dashboard, you stay in control of your money and energy switch. Or if you are happy for us to take the reigns then that is fine by us. The important thing we wanted to give our customers was the freedom to choose what they wanted to do.

How do we earn money?

The other thing that makes people dubious of energy switching companies and price comparison sites is how they make their money. The big issue in this area is around commision.

At Migrate, we make our money through being paid a flat fee by the energy suppliers that we work with. This means that not only is our service free for you to use, but we also remain 100% unbiased when switching you.

We also wish to give something back. We know that the energy industry has had problems in the past with overcharging customers, and that is why for every sign-up we get, we give £10 back to local projects and causes.

Automatic switching with us is for all

Finally, we believe that automatic switching can be for everyone. Everyone should be entitled to get the best deal, not just people who only have little amounts of time.

Even if you’re nervous about switching, our dashboard gives you a level of control nowhere else on the market. For example, if you wish to only switch to Green energy suppliers you can! Or if you want to see suppliers with the best customer service rating, or both, you can!

You can be as involved as you want, or take a step back and let us handle it. But most importantly given the number of suppliers we work with, we’ll always be able to get you a fantastic deal.

When you switch with us you can trust us to give you the control you want, the honesty you need and the best deal we can find every year for free.

Take the hassle out of switching. Let us migrate you, for free!

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