Automatic energy switching. What’s it all about?

So, what is automatic energy switching?

Automatic energy switching is the next step to putting the consumer first in a market full of false deals and mistrust. Over recent years the number of energy suppliers has increased ten-fold. With over 70 suppliers and potentially 400 tariffs to choose from it’s no wonder that switching supplier can be a daunting process.  

However, with so much choice on the market, why is it that more people will not switch to another supplier, despite the fact that they could save upwards of £500 a year by doing so? Energy UK figures show that out of the 27.1 million UK households only 22% of them switched supplier in 2017. That means that over 70% of people didn’t switch their supplier last year.

Ofgem’s 2017 report shows that 42% of people aren’t confident about using price comparison sites to compare different deals8. Consequently, these people refuse to switch and remain with their current supplier when a better deal could be just around the corner.

With price comparison sites dominating how people compare tariffs, that stat is slightly alarming. But, with automatic switching, there is no need to use a price comparison site at all! Find the deal you want, then switch to a better deal every year.

How does automatic switching work?

Our automatic switching service uses an advanced algorithm that searches energy suppliers far and wide to find you the best deal. But rather than getting bogged down in the technicalities, all our customers should be confident in the fact that we will find them the best deal out there.

All we need are a few details, then our algorithm gets to work. You pick the deal you would like and that’s all there is to it! After that, put your feet up and enjoy cheaper energy… We’ll take it from here.

How is automatic switching helpful?

Not only does switching every year save you upwards of £500 on energy bills but by doing it automatically, you save something more precious than money… TIME. Don’t spend hours and hours staring at price comparison sites, and wishing you could be doing anything else. Let Migrate do that for you, for free!

Through automatic switching, you take the power out of your suppliers’ hands and put it back into your own. Not only that but by no longer overpaying you also take your money out of the suppliers’ pocket and put it back into your own.  

One of the biggest factors that affected the number of switches completed in 2017 was the suppliers themselves. Out of the 26 million switch requests made between April 2014 and 2017, only 22 million of them were successful11. Ofgem states that suppliers rejecting requests is responsible for over half of these switches not being fulfilled12.

This isn’t a problem when you switch with Migrate. If we don’t manage to find you a successful deal we’ll switch you again with no fuss and no hassle. Don’t give your supplier the power to stop you from saving money! Put yourself back in the driving seat with automatic switching.

Migrate to a better deal

There are a number of reasons that set us apart from the competition:

  • We are a free service. We earn our money by charging each energy supplier a consistent commision fee. This means not only do we remain 100% impartial, but our service won’t cost you a penny!

  • We have strict rules. If you’re worried about the energy suppliers we work with, don’t be. Our rigorous guidelines mean we only work with suppliers who provide a quality experience. Still, need extra reassurance? Pop into your dashboard and choose suppliers with a specific star rating. That way you know you are working with the best supplier for you.

  • If you’re doing your bit for the environment you can choose to just switch between ‘Green’ tariffs.

  • You sign up and we’ll do the rest. Once you sign up we monitor the market on your behalf. So you can rest easy knowing that we are taking care of everything for you.

  • You are not alone. We stay in contact with you through the whole process. At the end of your 12-month contract, we will then send you through details of the next switch we are about to make. If you’re not happy you can say ‘No’ at any point. But if you’re happy with everything we will switch you automatically, no fuss, no hassle.

Not only does switching every year save you upwards of £500 on energy bills but by doing it automatically, you save something more precious than money… TIME.

Take the hassle out of switching. Let us migrate you, for free!

By using Migrate we will save you precious time and money, as our clever algorithm will find the best deal for you for free!

Great! Sign me up!